Rekindling What Was Lost


Have you ever had a friend that you loved SO much but the flame in your friendship eventually died out? Maybe it was over something really insignificant and silly or perhaps it was a really big f**king deal. Either way, do you ever just sit and think, “Could something have been done to mend our relationship? Can something still be done?”.

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DIY Hair Coloring


We’re all guilty of it.. don’t try to deny it. When mom wasn’t home and she had some extra dye left over, you dumped that goop on your head and hoped for the best. We’ve all had ‘at home hair dying’ disasters.. some worse than others. I can still remember when my hair was bright orange and I had to go to school with it. And no, it wasn’t “cool” yet. Continue reading “DIY Hair Coloring”


Chocolate Bunnies for Easter

Bunnies! Aren’t they just the cutest!? With their tiny wiggly noses, chubby little whisker pads, floppy ears, long back feet.. yet the tiniest paws! Bunnies are just about the cutest of all lagomorphas (they aren’t considered rodents). My Holland lop bunny, Otis Blue, changed my life.. but there’s quite a few important things to consider before buying a bunny!  Continue reading “Chocolate Bunnies for Easter”



Symmetry is something that almost everyone wishes they had. Women will pay thousands just to have balanced breasts, fuller lips, or to fix their misaligned nose. When you look in the mirror, it shouldn’t shock you to see that you have at least one asymmetrical trait. Continue reading “Crooked”


Natural Dry Skin Remedy

Do you have dry and flaky skin? Do you have psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, some other type of skin condition, or even type 2 diabetes? All of these ailments can cause dry, scaly patches on your skin that are less than desirable. Continue reading “Natural Dry Skin Remedy”


The City Beautiful

If you’re unfamiliar with my beloved city, Orlando is filled with heaps of history and mystery! Orlando consists of people of all ages, races, religions, and political affiliations; ranking number 36 (the highest ranking among major Florida metros) for ethnic and racial diversification (WalletHub, 2015).  Continue reading “The City Beautiful”


Toxic Relationships

We’ve all been through these treacherous, undermining, and draining relationships. I’m not just talking about that psycho ex girl/boyfriend of yours. Toxicity can find it’s way into the lives of people of all shapes, sizes, and relation to you. It could be your mother, father, brother, wife, best friend, or even your own child. I’m only 23 years old… I know what you’re thinking. She can’t have that much experience with toxic people…well, unfortunately I’m here to tell you otherwise. Continue reading “Toxic Relationships”



Today I wanted to touch a little bit on happiness. Most people think of money, success, family, friends, or ‘a fun lifestyle’ when they hear the word “happiness”.  But what is happiness? By definition, it is the state of being happy. Well.. okay. Continue reading “Happiness”